All over town, all sorts of gigs.

Posted on Apr 29, 2012

I am blessed to travel all over Cleveland and Akron (and sometimes even the Youngstown area) doing all sorts of shows and performing for all sorts of people.  I twist balloons, perform kids’ magic shows, and perform my  Stupendous Storytelling Balloon Show.  With a variety of services and new venues and clients every week, it never gets boring.  The past week and this week are perfect examples of how awesomely diverse my job is.  Take a look:

Two Saturdays ago (4/21) I was in Macedonia twisting balloons for young families as the mom’s and youngest children were taking part in the world’s largest simultaneous cloth diaper change (Yes, Guinness was all over it).  Apparently there were over 20,000 people taking part all over the world.  I got out before the smell became unbearable.

That afternoon, I went to Hinckley and performed The Stupendous Storytelling Balloon Show at a 6th birthday party hosted at Z’s Cream and Bean.

Last Thursday I performed my No-Bully Balloon Show for an elementary/middle school in Lyndhurst.  The show was for the kindergarten-8th grade.

Last Friday I performed my Stupendous Storytelling Balloon Show for a daycare in Mentor.  The show was for 3-6 year olds.

Saturday afternoon I was in Downtown Cleveland for a Browns Party with the Karen Foundation ( to raise money for MS research.  The Barley House in Cleveland was packed with live music, Browns players, radio and TV personalities, camera crews, and lots of happy and generous people.  This was one of those great events where I make more balloons for the adults than the kids.  It had a VIP type feel, so I never had to rush and was able to make some huge and creative balloons.

Saturday night I went to Olmsted Falls to perform a magic show for 90 people at a 1st birthday party.

Today, Sunday, I was at a Flea Market in Niles, twisting balloons for all the guests.

Tuesday night, I will be in Cleveland at Case Western Reserve University for the Study Over.  It’s an event I did last semester as well.  It’s a last hurrah before the students have to buckle down for finals.  It goes till midnight and I spend 4 hours satisfying the requests of very imaginative (and endearingly nerdy) college students.

Thursday morning I will perform another No-Bully Balloon Show for an Elementary school in Munroe Falls.

Thursday evening, I will be twisting balloons (and perhaps performing a little magic) at a Pre-K/Kindergarten registration in Bedford.


I’m then taking a well-deserved vacation to Niagara with my beautiful wife for the weekend.  I’ve been listening to some Joe Walsh lately, so all I can say is “Life’s been good to me so far!!!!!”

God bless.

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