Cleveland and Akron Birthday Party Entertainer

Posted on Oct 4, 2010

I really can’t believe how fortunate I am to entertain at countless birthday parties all over Cleveland and Akron.  I love corporate entertainment and large public events as well, both offer unique opportunities, but there is also something very special about making balloons or performing magic at a child’s birthday party.

I was invited into a number of Akron and Cleveland area homes this week to twist balloons for birthday parties.  I enjoy performing magic shows, but this weekend was all about balloon twisting, and I really enjoy creating special works of art for my clients!  I often feel “in my element” when I am balloon twisting.  All of the birthday parties on Saturday left me and all the guests smiling.  The atmosphere was great at all of them and I twisted some amazing balloon sculptures that really impressed.

The last party of the day was very fun.  I showed up to a birthday party that I was booked for after meeting the family at a public festival last month.  I walked in a recognized a lot of the faces, as they had come to see me both days that I was balloon twisting at the festival.  The family and guests were all great and very complimentary.  I was asked to create things I had never done before (very rare!) and had a blast.  The mother asked me to stay later so that I could make balloons for all the older siblings and even the grandparents!

People often ask me if I enjoy what I do.  I tell them, “I’m the Balloon Guy, I get to hang out at birthday parties for a living!”  Life is good.  I’m very blessed to be doing what I do.

-Grace and Peace

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