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Cleveland Magic Shows

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Voted Best Party Entertainer in Cleveland

A large part of Wright Entertainment is Magic Entertainment.  The two main services offered are close-up/strolling magic and a sit-down magic show.  I really enjoy performing as a magician.  I perform magic shows for all kinds of events in the Cleveland and Akron areas.  Some recent shows include a school carnival, a Boy Scout Blue and Gold Ceremony, and a birthday party right in the living room.

The Magic Show is very versatile and can be performed for a small birthday party or for a whole grandstand.  The show is all about laughter and fun.  My job is to make your 3-10 year-olds laugh until they need to use the potty! (Disclaimer:  Moms, be on alert for the “Potty Dance.”)  The magic show incorporates lots of audience participation and uses a handful of volunteers.  The kids are laughing the whole time while they help make the magic happen.

Here are a few recent testimonials from satisfied customers:

“Jeff put on a fantastic show! He had all the kids engaged and laughing from the moment he said HI! He was very funny, personable and professional! We will definitely have him back and I would highly recommend him!”   -P. Krabill,  Hudson Montessori School

“Jeff, I received nothing but compliments about your act and the kids truly seemed to enjoy themselves. You definitely know your audience. Bottom line is that we all had an excellent time and all the adults really enjoyed themselves as well.”
-M. Hughes, BSA Pack 1 Scout B&G Committee Chair

Contact me today for more information or to book a show.

God bless,


Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger. Balloon Costume 2011.

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Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger.  Balloon Costume 2011.

Well it’s Halloween 2011, and once again I am creating a larger-than-life costume entirely out of balloons.  Below are some photos of the work in progress and here is a video of the finished product:

The Stupendous Storytelling Balloon Show

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The Stupendous Storytelling Balloon Show has been a huge hit at local libraries, daycares, and schools. If you’re expecting enough guests, it’s also very good for private events. Please check out the website by Clicking HERE!

Extreme Makeover: Balloon Edition

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Last fall I was invited by my friend, Rick Smith Jr. of Cleveland Entertainers, to the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  They were building a house in Maple Heights so we went to entertain the cast, crew, guests, and public.

It was a great experience and was pretty cool making balloons on a such a big television set.  It really was a huge project.  They took up entire city blocks!  I was taken up by the enormity of the whole thing and decided to really show of that day.

I made balloons for a visiting family from a previous season and  I made an EM:HE hat with a few of the cast members on it. One of the production team members wanted me to make sure I made Xzibit, so he is on the top.  I had my picture taken with Tracy and gave the hat to one of the producers to take to the after party.

We were invited back for the “Move the Bus” day, but I already had an number of events booked, so I couldn’t make it.  Regardless, it was a very cool opportunity and another experience that was made possible by those wonderful balloon creations.

Jeff Wright of Wright Entertainment LLC and Tracy Hutson of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Jeff twisting balloons for guests in the VIP tent.

-Grace and Peace

Busy Season Starting

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It’s been too long since I made a post here, but with the busy season starting up, I figured it was time to make a few new posts about my life as a balloon twister in Cleveland.

When the weather is bad things tend to slow down for a bit after all the holiday parties.  I fill in my time with  a few smaller private events or birthday parties on the weekends and restaurant balloon twisting on weekdays.  Once the weather starts to turn things really start to pick up.

This “slow season” was actually less slow than seasons past and I’ve had some great bookings thus far this year (I’ll talk about them in subsequent posts).  It’s also been nice to have more advance bookings than ever before for the summer months.  I have around a dozen library shows booked in Akron later in the summer and a few shows booked in Pennsylvania next month.  I also have a good number of birthday parties and private events already set up for the summer.

Last summer I saw a trend to more corporate and large scale events instead of private parties and I think that is staying true this year.  We were voted best party entertainer in Cleveland and we are staying true to our birthday party clients, but it’s nice to have some big corporate gigs that fill up a whole day.

-Grace and Peace

Best Party Entertainment in Cleveland

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This is just a friendly reminder to everyone out there planning a party or other event:

Wright Entertainment, LLC is half of   The other half is Suzan Houston Face Painting and Clowning. was voted the 2010 BEST PARTY ENTERTAINER IN CLEVELAND by Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Awards.  So if you are looking for party entertainment for birthday parties, corporate functions, holiday parties, or anything else where some added fun is needed to enhance the event, remember that we offer THE best party entertainment in Cleveland.

Our slogan at is “Entertain your guests with the best,” because we believe that we offer a truly special entertainment experience.   If you won’t take our word for it, trust Nickelodeon, or check out our testimonials.

Please consider us as entertainment for your next party.

-Grace and peace!

Cleveland Birthday Parties

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I love this job!  What a great day!  I haven’t done a private party in the past two weeks because 2 weeks ago I was busy with my Halloween Costume and winning contests and last week I went to Chicago to visit my brother for family weekend.  It felt great to get back in the saddle today with both magic shows and balloon twisting.

I did 2 birthday parties in the Cleveland area.  They both went very well.  The first one was in Medina.  I started with a Magic Show for the 8 year old boys and afterward I twisted balloon creations for each of the kids.  The family was absolutely wonderful and the audience was great.  It was a small group so it made the show very fun.   The kids and parents were pleased with the magic show and the balloons.  The birthday boy described it as “fantastic!”  It makes me smile to get those reviews from the most important critics!

The second party was in Bay Village (it was a long day of driving, I live in Streetsboro, so I can reach Akron or Cleveland pretty easily, but these two parties were far!).  It was a balloon twisting only party.  It was a combined birthday party for two young children and all their friends and family.  I set up in front of a large group of adults and began twisting for the kids.  I went nuts with some pretty elaborate creations because time allowed and the adults were just as appreciative as the kids, I even made one of the aunts a special balloon.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to do what I love.  It was a great day.

Another Win for Mario

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I claimed both Akron and Cleveland this year with my Mario costume.  Thank you God for the blessings!  I just took first at Boo Bash 14 at the Boneyard in Mayfield Heights.  It was put on by Q104 and featured a rockin band called Disco Inferno.  I took the $1000 first place prize.  Thanks for the Honeymoon money!  It was a great weekend.

My beautiful (and mustached) wife Rachel and I at the Boneyard for Boo Bash 14

Grace and peace

Balloon Mario Costume

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Just wanted to share really quickly how blessed I am to be a balloon twister.  Not only was my company, recently voted Best Party Entertainer in Cleveland by Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks, but for the 2nd year in a row I won the largest costume contest in Northeast Ohio.  Just last night I cashed in big against some great competition with this piece:

This was while I was still putting the finishing touches on it, but you get the idea. What do you think?

It’s good to be a balloon twister.

-Grace and peace

Cleveland Balloon Twister

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Often when I am performing at a Cleveland or Akron event or restaurant I will say that I am a “twister.”  Even in the context of having 3,000 balloons right in front of me as I make an elaborate sculpture for a child, I still get weird looks or questions about the term every once in a while.  “A what?”  A Balloon Twister.  It’s one of the many terms I use to describe what I do.  I think most of the people who do what I do in Cleveland and Akron would refer to themselves as a balloon twister as well.

I really don’t have a standard term, but that seems to be the one that comes out the most when speaking.  I also like to use Balloon Entertainer, Balloon Sculptor, Balloon Artist, or if I’m feeling really proud of myself, Balloon Artiste.  I think that many people just aren’t familiar with what noun to place after “Balloon” so the most common one I hear is “Balloon Guy.”

I think all the titles have their strengths and I use them in different situations and different events throughout Cleveland and Akron.  I think a balloon twister is a very descriptive and specific title that is catchy and so I use it often.  I use entertainer when I know I will have a chance to really entertain the audience as opposed to outputting mass volumes of balloons in factory mode.  I use balloon artist (or artiste) when I am working on big projects or really using my brain to create something new and original.

I also tell people know that my name is Hey Balloon Guy, but when I perform I go by my professional name, Jeff.
Whatever you call me, just make sure you call me for your next Cleveland or Akron area event.

-Grace and Peace