A Great Week

Posted on Sep 14, 2010

I just had an extremely busy, but very blessed and awesome week.  First off, last weekend was Taste of Hudson so I went into town and twisted balloons.  Now, in years past I had always set up a table with a vendor that I have done many events for in the past and then twisted balloons for a long line of kids.  While I think that has it’s place, I was on my own time there and I wanted to really wow the audience and show them what I could do at a private party.  Plus, there were at least 3 other twisters there doing line work.  So what I did was set-up my table and began twisting really elaborate creations.  Fire-breathing dragons, princesses, super heroes, and more.  As the crowd would gather I would joke around with them and tell them that because I was making such elaborate creations, I was not doing a line (it would have been 3 hours long!).  I invited them to stay and watch and directed them to the other twisters.  Many of them stayed and I would then have a “biggest smile competition” to decide to whom to give the balloon.  It was a nice way of doing things and I really enjoyed myself.  I even showed up in a clip on News Channel 5 on Monday or Tuesday.

After the weekend, I began a new private teaching contract with a new student from Japan.  I’m teaching him English.  It’s going to be an incredible experience and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.  We spent many hours together on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thursday and Friday I finally had both of my private schools at which I teach Spanish.  It was nice to get back into the swing of things and to see all the kids.  I’m the only male classroom teacher at both schools (there’s a guy gym teacher at one), so I’m somewhat of a novelty.

So I’m back into the swing of things for the school year.  I’m happy to have downsized my teaching load from last year since I am focusing more and more on the Entertainment Biz.  I find out tomorrow if my and Suzan’s advertizing co-cop, 5star-talent.com, wins Best Party Entertainer in Cleveland.  We were nominated for a Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Award earlier this year.  Here’s hoping!

Finally, this past weekend, I had two great gigs.  One was a job for a private Christian School in Cuyahoga Falls.  I did my Stupendous Storytelling Balloon show for them.  They told me about their school year theme ahead of time and I wrote a custom script for the show.  It went over very well.  Then I did the Mantua Potato Festival for 2 days.  It was a great gathering on great people and they really seemed to like my balloons!

-Grace and Peace

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