Buzz Lightyear and Ninja Turtle Balloon Costumes

Posted on Sep 26, 2012

(Videos below the break)

So I’ve had a pretty amazing week enjoying some very new experiences.  Last year I posted a video of my 2011 Halloween costume of Buzz Lightyear.  Like all of my costumes in recent years, I made it out of balloons.  I posted the video of me doing a very corny and entirely whole-hearted Buzz impersonation.  Since it went up on Oct. 30th last year it had crept along at a few hundred views a week,  then last week something happened.  I don’t know the exact order of events, but in the past week the video has been tweeted by Lee Unkrich, the director of Toy Story 3, has been posted on dozens of sites,  has been shared on Facebook and Twitter hundreds of times, and has received 70,000 + views in the past week.  Most excitingly, I have been contacted by a major broadcasting company with a request to share my video (I’ll offer more details on this if it actually happens).  God is good!

The timing for this really couldn’t be better, as I am about to spend the next year volunteering at an orphanage in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  The work of my wife and I depends on the charitable donations of others, so I am using the popularity of my video to point people to our cause.

With the popularity of Buzz taking off, Ben Alexander of Balloon Distractions, contacted me to make an offer:  If I made a video for Balloon Distraction’s Youtube channel, and it received 10,000 views, he would donate $500 to my support fund.  I wanted to build another costume before I left anyhow since I’ll be out of the country during Halloween, so on Monday I put together a Ninja Turtle costume.  Ben has also graciously offered to send me balloons throughout my year at the orphanage to keep the boys entertained.


Enjoy the videos:

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