Cleveland Balloon Twister

Posted on Oct 23, 2010

Often when I am performing at a Cleveland or Akron event or restaurant I will say that I am a “twister.”  Even in the context of having 3,000 balloons right in front of me as I make an elaborate sculpture for a child, I still get weird looks or questions about the term every once in a while.  “A what?”  A Balloon Twister.  It’s one of the many terms I use to describe what I do.  I think most of the people who do what I do in Cleveland and Akron would refer to themselves as a balloon twister as well.

I really don’t have a standard term, but that seems to be the one that comes out the most when speaking.  I also like to use Balloon Entertainer, Balloon Sculptor, Balloon Artist, or if I’m feeling really proud of myself, Balloon Artiste.  I think that many people just aren’t familiar with what noun to place after “Balloon” so the most common one I hear is “Balloon Guy.”

I think all the titles have their strengths and I use them in different situations and different events throughout Cleveland and Akron.  I think a balloon twister is a very descriptive and specific title that is catchy and so I use it often.  I use entertainer when I know I will have a chance to really entertain the audience as opposed to outputting mass volumes of balloons in factory mode.  I use balloon artist (or artiste) when I am working on big projects or really using my brain to create something new and original.

I also tell people know that my name is Hey Balloon Guy, but when I perform I go by my professional name, Jeff.
Whatever you call me, just make sure you call me for your next Cleveland or Akron area event.

-Grace and Peace

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