Extreme Makeover: Balloon Edition

Posted on Apr 29, 2011

Last fall I was invited by my friend, Rick Smith Jr. of Cleveland Entertainers, to the set of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  They were building a house in Maple Heights so we went to entertain the cast, crew, guests, and public.

It was a great experience and was pretty cool making balloons on a such a big television set.  It really was a huge project.  They took up entire city blocks!  I was taken up by the enormity of the whole thing and decided to really show of that day.

I made balloons for a visiting family from a previous season and  I made an EM:HE hat with a few of the cast members on it. One of the production team members wanted me to make sure I made Xzibit, so he is on the top.  I had my picture taken with Tracy and gave the hat to one of the producers to take to the after party.

We were invited back for the “Move the Bus” day, but I already had an number of events booked, so I couldn’t make it.  Regardless, it was a very cool opportunity and another experience that was made possible by those wonderful balloon creations.

Jeff Wright of Wright Entertainment LLC and Tracy Hutson of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Jeff twisting balloons for guests in the VIP tent.

-Grace and Peace

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