Making stuff up at CWRU, Balloon Twisting

Posted on May 2, 2012

I had a great time tonight (really yesterday at this point) at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland twisting balloons for the college students at their biannual Study Over.  It’s a party with food, games, crafts, and balloons, that help the students de-stress before finals.  I’ve done it twice and I love the gig because it sharply contrasts most of the gigs I do (like 5 year-old birthday parties) in that rather than making 10 of the first thing the kids see, I am challenged the entire night (in this case until 12:30 am) making the most absurd and extremely nerdy (endearingly) requests ever. My line tonight was 2 hours long.  That’s not an exaggeration.  I cut the line at 10:20 and those people received their balloons at 12:20.  It was so long because every student had a smartphone in hand ready with a picture of some obscure or esoteric request. Many requests were also mainstream, but were very demanding.  So I stepped up to the plate and made some pretty cool things.  I had a few rough ones, but the Muse was definitely singing tonight. Here are some designs that were brand new to me as of tonight.

A brain with eyes


Charmander and friends


A quick spartan helmet and sword.


The Tardis (1 of 3 that I made)


Scooby, I really like this one for an on-the-spot original.


I also made a few other cartoons, some video game icons, and a Japanese animation character that I had never seen before.  Oh, and of course, a narwhal.  What a blast!

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