Posted on Sep 5, 2010

So I contacted someone to help me with Search Engine Optimization.  It’s time I figure this out.  I pay for ads in magazines, I pay for spots on party booking sites, I hand out 1000s of business cards, but at the end of the day, if I’m not coming up at the top of Google, I’m missing out on a very important marketing tool.

I know the guy I’m asking is good.  I’ve read a bunch of his stuff on WordPress and, most importantly, he is towards the top of a lot of Googles searches for his specific search terms.  That says a lot about his effectiveness.

If my Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Awards win comes through (with the amazing Suzan Houston,, and I’m coming out on top in Google….I’ll be THE balloon guy and magician for Cleveland/Akron!

-Grace and Peace

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