Learning WordPress and Reading Books

Posted on Aug 27, 2010

Greetings. I have been using WordPress for about 3 days now. After a few hours with “WordPress for Dummies” and 2 hours worth of the “Famous 5 Minute Install” I finally started producing the page you see before you now. I will continue to dig into this technology and improve this site. It’s been fun and I can see it becoming very rewarding.

In addition to “WordPress for Dummies,” I have been getting into a lot of books lately. I just finished “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and now I need to borrow the 3rd book in the series. My current reading list is as follows:

-Spiritual: The Book of Acts, Luke?

-Leisure: The Eye of the World, Robert Jordan (I always remember seeing this book on shelves growing up and I believe I even cracked it open once when I was about 10 but was overwhelmed by it’s size and scope, I recently came into another copy and am now 100 pages in after a day and really enjoying it)

-Business: 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising, Michael Corbett
Power of An Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week, David Lakhani

-Education: Teaching Adult Second Language Learners, Heather McKay and Abigail Tom

I’m soaking it all up!

Grace and Peace

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